The Truth of the Bible’s History of Creation and Birth of Human Civilization recorded in Genesis 1—11 vs. the Theory of Evolution is The Number One Issue confronting the Church and the World Today! If you Believe the Bible, then you cannot believe in Evolution! If you believe in…
David Wilkerson was an Assemblies of God Pentecostal Minister called by God as an Evangelist, Pastor and Prophet. As an Evangelist, David went into the…
Must Watch: His Anti-Homosexual Marriage Speech ROCKS the UK – Church of England Goes Apostate!
Bonus Video: Song TRUMP wON & YOU KNOW IT!
Watch: What a Night of Worship we had with Worship Leader Traci Brewer Sommer and her Worship Leader friends Jim & Lorie Adams and Brock & Jaime Smith…
America’s Future is at Stake!
Plus Bonus Video on CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency!
This will bless you!
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